His Father’s Realm

When Yuri goes in quest of his father, he comes across a secret fraught with danger …

Summer holidays, and everyone is off traveling – with the exception of Yuri. He then decides to head off to the village to join his father, with whom he has had little previous contact. Though his father entertains some quirky conspiracy theories, he also leads a fascinating life with his friends: hunting, fishing, they even have a secret project in the forest. And then there’s Jule, who meets Yuri one evening at the lake …
But, are his father and his comrades really just harmless weirdos? As Yuri finally asks this question, it’s almost too late.

“Exciting like a thriller (…).”
Anna Vollmer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“A gripping, topical, and scary novel.”
German Academy for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

German hardcover by S. Fischer Publishers.