Sometime in the far-distant future, in the wake of the rampant pandemics …

15-year-old Shiloh lives in Cleanland, a country which successfully protects its inhabitants from all kinds of infectious diseases.

Shiloh normally wears protective gear wherever she goes, or whenever she talks with her elderly grandmother through the mandatory glass partition; she even has her vital signs monitored round the clock. The protective gear makes Shiloh feel safe and in any case, what has she to hide? Besides, it makes no difference to her that she can only interact with one registered friend.

And yet, what if she were to fall in love with someone with whom she’s not supposed to fall in love ? What if she, or somebody close to her, were to break the rules?

Shiloh’s world is unexpectedly turned upon its head, and she has to make a decision.

German hardcover by S. Fischer Publishers.

The Korean translation is published by LIME.